How to Start your own Conservation School

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The best businesses are started by the owner with a passion. If you have a passion for the environment, you can start your own conservation school to teach others and make a living at the same time. You can hire those you know with conservation skills to teach classes at your home, a community center or in the woods during a camping trip. Some of the things you can teach could include:

The best ways to conserve water and how to protect the rivers and oceans Read the rest…

How to Keep the Forests Going

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All around the world, you are hearing about the destruction of forests. People just do not seem to care about deforestation anymore. What can you do to help protect these wonders of nature? At the local level, be aware as to what is going on. If you hear of plans to get rid of some natural spaces and to put up commercial buildings, contact your local representatives to let them know your thoughts on this topic.

You should Read the rest…

How to Get Involved with Forest Preservation

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Even with an increased awareness of our planet’s environmental needs, the world’s forests are still continuing to disappear. By becoming directly involved with forest preservation, you can help keep the world a little bit greener for future generations.

There are several ways to get involved with forest preservation. One of the easiest ways is to simply donate. Those in charge of the preserves can use the funds to create education programs, facilities that allow visitors to enjoy the forest preserves or to replant trees and help stop deforestation in vulnerable areas.

Another great way to get involved is Read the rest…

Wildlife: How to Enjoy the Animals in the Woods

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There is something almost magical about going for a walk in the woods and spotting wildlife. Children especially love to see forest denizens come out of hiding and coexist, however briefly, with us. But the combination of people and wildlife is not always safe, neither for the animals nor the people. Following a few simple guidelines will help you enjoy wild animals without danger.

First, and most importantly, never feed a wild animal. Human food is Read the rest…

Reforestation Battling Deforestation

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Deforestation has been a devastating problem for our planet, and as we hurtle through space and time it’s only projected to get worse unless things change. We’ve lost half the earth’s rain forests since 1990 and have half of the world’s original forests, which have been decimated in just a handful of decades.

The harsh decrease in trees has had an adverse effect on wildlife, pollution and the economy. When rain forests crumble, so do the delicate ecosystems that have been evolving for thousands of years. It’s sobering to think that the ancient brilliance of nature can be decapitated in moments with the rumble of chainsaws and bulldozers.

It’s true that the timber industry generates a great deal of revenue, and that wood products are important to many societies. However, the over-exploitation of wood has resulted in an economic decline, and the Convention on Biological Diversity predicts that continued deforestation could cut the standard of living for the poor by as much as half by 2050.

Deforestation also has a detrimental effect on air purity and global warming. Less trees means that nature’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide emissions is stunted. Forests also act as a buffer for pollution absorbing impurities in the air and water. When trees are leveled to make way for agriculture, farms and urban dwellings, we’re putting a dent in the earth’s ability to naturally manage waste.

That’s why reforestation projects are so vital to the longevity of our world and its inhabitants. For some companies, it’s common practice to replace cut trees with seedlings, and there are ongoing projects around the world that aim to restore the declining status of our precious rain forests.

You can get involved in local reforestation projects by joining an environmental club or organization in your community. If you search online, you’re sure to find many options that will satiate your desire to improve the world around us.

You can also make a difference in your own home by recycling paper products and opting for materials made of reconstituted paper and wood pulp. It’s also been proven that monopolies on electricity providers contribute to deforestation. So do some research to Electric Companies in Texas while opting for a competitor. Being more conscious of energy consumption is another way to not only lower our bills, but make a positive effect on the environment.

The Forest: Hiking Around while Enjoying Nature

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When hiking around and enjoying nature, families can spend quality time and not be dishing out loads of money. In the woods, children and adults can learn about the different species of birds and animals. By watching a deer, people can learn about their habits and traits. Occasionally a family will run up on wild life such as deer or bear. Bear and other wildlife can be dangerous so the family would need to make sure they know how to handle themselves if they ran up on them.
Bird watching and leaf collecting is a favorite past time Read the rest…

A Basic Explanation: Types of Trees

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There may seem to be an inordinate number of trees in the world, but in reality there are only about 70 different species of trees. These can be identified and classified based on the type of flowers they produce and their leaves. In terms of the leaves of trees, there are two main categories the tree can fit in to.

The first classification is the evergreen trees. These trees retain their leaves throughout the year. The leaves tend to be needle shaped and rigid, some have resin Read the rest…

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Nature with your Children

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Enjoying nature can be fun when you involve your children. There are many ways to enjoy nature with your children.

Backyard Activities

The backyard of your home offers many opportunities to enjoy nature with your children. Create a play area in one area or plant a garden. Other outside activities include throwing a tennis ball or playing any type of game.

Visiting a Zoo

Teach your children about animals by taking then to a local zoo. They will see all types of animals that are outside in nature. This will provide an opportunity to enjoy the outside and see Read the rest…

Enjoying Nature: Exploring the Woods and Surrounding Areas

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Enjoying nature is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Most cities have wooded areas where residents can explore trails and experience natural beauty. If you live in an urban apartment, you should find the closest park and visit it on a regular basis. Frequent exposure to fresh air and exercise will increase the quality of your life and could also help you to live longer.

Proper shoes and clothing are important if you want to fully enjoy your experience in nature. Footwear should be comfortable, waterproof and have enough traction on the soles to prevent Read the rest…

Top 10 Things to do in the Woods

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Families spend a lot of time working and going to school so that they have little time to spend with each other. If the family lives close to a wooded area, they can spend time outside together doing things that do not cost money. These things will bring a family closer together while teaching children about nature and things surrounding nature. Learning about forestry and nature early in age can help children to appreciate the simpler Read the rest…